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Tips Choosing a Quality DFW Roofer

In Texas, roofing companies don't need any credentials, certificates or licenses.  So when it's time to install a new roof, you need to interview all your DFW roofers and evaluate their proposals as carefully as you would in hiring any professional. And always expect a free written estimate.

1.    Expect the estimator to be on time for the appointment. That person, whether the owner or a sales rep, should be able to explain the details of what your installation will require and answer your questions about a new roof or replacement roof.

2.    Find out if the company has a track record. It should have an address, not just a P.O. Box number. Ask for referrals, preferably in your area, and check them out. Call the Better Business Bureau, or go to their web site to see if there have been any complaints registered.

3.    Expect the estimator to go up on the roof to inspect it and take accurate measurements. He should also evaluate siding, soffits, fascia, decking, gutters and downspouts, chimneys and flashing and landscaping near the job site. He should also go into the attic to evaluate the roof from inside and determine whether contents need to be removed or protected.

4.    Expect to be shown samples of roofing materials and to have the differences in their properties and warranties explained. Make sure you understand how various materials affect the cost to replace a roof.

Contact us for a free roofing estimate today, or call us at 817-996-1292.
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Tips to Evaluate a Propsoal from a DFW Roofer

A proposal is an agreement that has the weight of a contract in Texas. It should spell out your product options, and itemize services and prices. It should be more detailed than a checklist, and it should be customized to your job.
What should be covered?
•    Ventilation
•    Flashing
•    Removal of debris as the job progresses and on completion
•    Protection of outdoor fixtures and landscaping
•    Need to remove or protect items in attic storage
•    Samples of product options
•    Performance and warranties of product options
•    Colors of product options

Contact us for a free roofing estimate today, or call us at 817-996-1292.
What does ... mean?

Every industry has its own jargon, and the roofing industry is no exception. Understanding roof-speak can be somewhat daunting, but the following brief list of terms should give you a leg-up in understanding your roof.

Coverage - The degree of weather protection offered by a roofing material: single, double or triple coverage.
Deck - The wood roof surface to which roofing materials are applied.
Drip Edge - Weather-resistant metal or vinyl edge installed along eaves and rakes to facilitate shedding of water at the edges.
Eaves - Parts of a roof that project beyond or overhang the face of the wall at the lower edge of the roof.
Exposure - Specifically, exposure to weather: the distance from the butt edge of one shingle to another.
Felt - A breather-type building paper of strong, tough base saturated with asphalt.
Flashing - Strips of metal or roofing material used in making watertight joints on a roof, especially in valleys or where inclined and vertical surfaces intersect.
Gable - The end wall of a building which comes to a triangular point under a sloping roof; also, a type of roof.
Hip - An external angle formed by the meeting of two sloping ends of the roof, from the ridge to the eaves; also, a type of roof.
Rake - The inclined edge of a pitched roof over an end wall.
Ridge - The apex of the angle formed by a roof, or the peak, where the common rafters meet.
Square - The amount of roofing material required to cover 100 square feet (10'x10') of roof surface.
Valley - An internal angle or water runway formed by the intersection of two slopes in a roof.
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